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Soundcard Museum flythrough

Posted by Trixter on July 17, 2010

MindCandy work is on hiatus for three weeks while we wait to see what magic Assembly 2010 produces, so I thought I’d try to learn Adobe Production Premium CS5 a little better with my free time.  A few hours with Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Soundbooth, and Media Encoder produced this little HD 1080p beauty:
It’s a 2D photograph extruded to 3D (although the 3D effect is very subtle) and rotated/panned/zoomed around a bit.  It shows one of my shelves that has soundcards stacked on it destined to be properly showcased on my upcoming Sound Card Museum.  Cards shown in the video include:
  • Sound Blaster Pro
  • Sound Blaster 16 ASP
  • Adlib Gold
  • Covox Speech Thing
  • IBM Music Feature
  • Pro Audio Spectrum 16
  • Pro Audio Studio 16 (Same as PAS but with different software)

I’ve written about my plans for the Soundcard Museum before.  Like MobyGames and MindCandy, it’s a project that gets me excited every time I think about it.

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