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Posted by Trixter on June 22, 2010

So around January of this year, this happened to me:


Seriously, that’s exactly what happened to me.  I couldn’t have put it any better.  So if you’re wondering what happened to Trixter, now you know.

I had just enough money and free time to attend @party this year, but minus the amount of free time that would have granted me time to make a production, code something, etc. so I spent much of the time there working on the MindCandy production notes script I’ll be recording tonight.  I met some great, talented, wonderful, kind, giving, selfless people.  I also realized that I was old enough to be the father of some of the people I met.  With no productions to work on and no oldskool hardware to show off, I was a bit of a fifth wheel.

I am nearing the end of the road of that particular part of my life.  While it’s fun to dream about a magnum opus to peace out with, I think it’s more productive to realize that I will never find the time to do so and should just let it go.  I turn 39 in a few months, I’ve had a good 20 years in the demoscene, I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame, it’s time to move aside and move on.  MindCandy 3 will most likely be my last scene production.

So, what else did I learn on this trip?  I learned that connecting flights suck balls because you have to go through security again if you have to walk between terminals — even if you never step foot outside the secure area.  And I also learned that you never ever ever bring a high quality USB microphone with you on a trip that utilizes commercial aircraft because you will get stopped at every single security checkpoint for at least 15 minutes while they try to figure out if the metal cylinder loaded with wire and electronics in your duffel bag is a bomb.  If it weren’t for the fact that the microphone was still in its commercial packaging, I’m sure they would have forced me to open it, releasing its magic forever.

Ah well.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

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