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Attempt #4

Posted by Trixter on February 1, 2010

Despite what I wrote earlier, I decided to give it another go during a period of depression (you’ve been warned).

Attempt #4

Title: I Remember Howard, Cuesheet (with track breaks and CD-TEXT info)

People tell me this is Progressive Trance. I’m not sure any more. All I know is that this music reflects how I feel when I’m at rest. Wistfully hopeful (if one can make an adverb of wistful).

It’s beatmixed, and I tried to group things harmonically. Transitions in the middle are weaker than the ends, but at least it starts and ends strong.  I tried a different beatmixing approach in this one; earlier attempts adjusted BPM during the transitions, which was noticeable, and later mixes forced everything to the same BPM, which affected some music adversely. I decided this time around to very very slowly adjust the BPM throughout the entire mix, sometimes over several minutes, between 128 and 135. The goal was for the listener to not notice BPM differences if they listen to it all the way through.

5 Responses to “Attempt #4”

  1. Alkivar said

    you are way too self critical… this is good! srsly!

  2. clean mix. not my favorite style but once I was able to get over myself I did enjoy it.

    ObGeek: I assume the hypercompressed pumping and breathing is inherent in the originals? (I wonder how far down you could quantize it before you could tell… listening to an 8-bit 44.1kHz mu-law version doesn’t sound much different than the original.)

  3. IC said

    Just to let you know, I’m still listening to this. Though it’s kind of torture when I’m stuck in my chair at work. It really tickles my fantasy, so to speak.

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