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And now a word from our sponsor

Posted by Trixter on May 5, 2009

This is going to be the first and last time I mention The Oldskool PC Store, mainly because we’re short this month and need to pay real estate taxes.

YEAH, I SAID IT.  I AM BROKE THIS MONTH.  (Actually, I’m broke most months, but this month is one of the important ones.)  So if you want some vintage gaming goodness in exchange for a few bucks, check out my store.  You’ll be helping me out, and get some gaming history in return.

Tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming.

One Response to “And now a word from our sponsor”

  1. spinsane said

    Hey bud, checked the store, and nothing for me unfortunately. This isn’t supposed to sound like spam, but if you’re on twitter or whatever, send me a msg (or email) whenever you get some time. I have a couple tips to throw your way if you’re interested, and don’t want to share them in public so as to not dillute their effectiveness/awesomeness.


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