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Block Party is over

Posted by Trixter on April 6, 2008

…and I just arrived back home, and will promptly crash.  I will write a more detailed report with a few pictures tomorrow or Tuesday.

One Response to “Block Party is over”

  1. Steeve said

    This actually WAS tebrrily clever. Well, it still IS tebrrily clever.There was no way for IBM and Commodore machines to really share floppies, since the recording technology was so completely different on the two machines.The essence of this hack is realizing that DOS keeps the basic info about the disk on the first track, while Commodore keeps the data in track 18. So, track 18 tells the Commodore to only use the track that held Commodore data, and that the rest of the disk was not used. The IBM information, however, marked every Commodore track as bad, so they would never used. In essence, this kept two entirely separate file systems living on the same disk.I like this. It is quite completely and utterly cool

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