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Posted by Trixter on March 21, 2008

After having a cold for 4 days and hacking up half a lung, I feel less like coding and more like procrastination.

So today, we have an experiment for y’all.

2 Responses to “Procrastination”

  1. I guess I’ll wait for later :-) But you go ahead and archive that software — you know better than anyone that if you don’t it’ll simply get lost.

  2. Ken D. said

    My thoughts are that if we don’t archive what we know and like it will get lost. Most stuff was written with a purpose, even if that purpose was only to make $$. Even so, it it cool to have that stuff (although ancient) available for future generations to look at and see. In some ways no different than the paraphernalia surrounding the pyramids. You get an idea of their lives and times. The same is true of old software. So, archive it with the release date info and presto it becomes searchable. Go for it!

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