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8088 Videos

Posted by Trixter on June 25, 2007

Just a quick note that I’ve rewritten the 8088 Corruption page substantially, posted a new video player, and posted all of the sample videos in my talk along with a few extra ones.

I appreciate all of the nice comments I’ve gotten regarding my lack of motivation (ie. possible depression); again, thanks.  I’m battling it now with a mixture of work, playing Worms with the kids, trying to speed up 8088flex even more, and a mystery fourth ingredient.  What could it be?  Why, it’s mysterious!  When I finish ingesting the fourth ingredient, I’ll post about it here.  It’s… immersing.

11 Responses to “8088 Videos”

  1. phoenix said

    i don’t know why you suggest we answer “no” on the real CGA question when using an emulator.. in DOSBox, answering “yes” brings up the right colors, “no” gives the blinkies instead of the brights. oh, and pop.tmv runs in DOSBox without any buffering. :) i ran it at 1000 cycles, which according to landmark’s speed600 (again, emulated :) came out to 8 MHz.

  2. Trixter said

    I suggest it because I have taken more “it looks like crap in dosbox” emails than I have others, because people are too lazy to set up DOSBOX as “mode=cga” to get things right.

    Of *course* pop will run without rebuffering ;-) Getting it to run that way on my XT is the next challenge I’m pursuing. I have an idea that may work and will still not require any special hardware…

  3. Trixter said

    BTW, DOSBOX cycles set to 235 is a pretty close approximation of an 8088 (tested with MIPS.COM).

  4. Some random guest not really named "Per" said

    How can I run video from a CGA card on a PAL TV? I’ve heard that CGA boards output in NTSC, but what might happen if I connect it to a PAL TV?

    The reason I ask is because I live in Europe, I have MDA and a Monochrome monitor, I can afford a CGA adapter, but I won’t pay the shipping for a CGA monitor.

  5. Trixter said

    Many modern PAL televisions can actually work with NTSC as well, so you can’t hurt anything by simply trying it and seeing what happens unless your TV was made before 2000. Otherwise, the only thing you can do is get a standards converter to convert NTSC to PAL, and surely the shipping on a CGA monitor costs less, yes?

  6. The Same Random Guest not really named "Per" said

    The worst problem with a real IBM CGA monitor (5153/5154) is that it is most of the time priced far beyond 100$ on Ebay, while you can get the adapters for only about 10$. (Why didn’t I just pick that CGA monitor I saw on the free re-use corner of the recyceling station when I was in the US!)

    There is three revisions of the CGA board avalible on Ebay:
    What are the differences?

  7. Trixter said

    I have no idea what the differences are. But I’d like to research it, can you provide the EBAY auction #s so I can check them out?

  8. See two messages above said




    Seller’s store:

    (BTW, I bought a full DOS 2.1 set with all manuals and disks in perfect condition!)

  9. PulseCode said

    Check your local electronics recycler. I know that here in the US I can put in a request for a functioning 5150 + CGA monitor for probably free as long as I really do show up to haul it off before it goes off to the disassembly/recycling stage to be torn down to component parts.

    Is it cool if I email you? There’s a public email listed for you on oldschool.org. It’s possible I can send you some of my old code to get the TMV compiler to work in real-time or faster with your AVCOMP encoder on a 2Ghz+ machine. After watching your presentation at Block Party 2007, I think I might be able to offer some help to get encoding faster, plus that would also let you test out more Social Engineering material.

  10. Not really a guest anymore and still not realy named "Per" said

    To PulseCode form “Per”:
    I live in a small island comunity somewhere in norway (about 4000-5000 citizens), so we don’t really have that kind of recyceling station as you are talking about. I’ll move to the larger city later this year, so i’ll see if they have it there.

  11. Trixter said

    PulseCode: Sure, if you’d like to email me, use trixter at oldskool dot org

    I don’t really have time to work on the encoder any more, however there is a windows player available on the site now, so feel free to build one and test your encodes out with the windows player.

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