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Losing my memory

Posted by Trixter on March 28, 2007

In 25 years of personal computing, I have never once had RAM go bad on me. So when my Athlon box started to reboot randomly, I was initially at a loss to troubleshoot it. It was only after a few sobering minutes in memtest86 and switching sticks from slot to slot that I learned both of my KVR400X64C25/512 sticks were bad. No idea how they got that way; one was REALLY bad (half of it is trashed), and the other I probably could live with (only a few single-bit errors) but I filled out an RMA for both of them anyway. I don’t need my main desktop randomly flipping bits on me.

I learned two things from this experience:

  • Lifetime warranties are good.
  • With my Athlon out of commission for a week, it’s so… quiet in here.

Maybe I’ll finally get some console game-playing in.

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