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12 hours

Posted by Trixter on August 1, 2006

So I’m halfway through the 24-hour MTV disappointment, and while there are a lot of artists with two, maybe three videos, there are two artists with no less than six different videos already:

  • Rod Stewart
  • The Pretenders

After so much heavy airplay, I think it’s interesting that the music of The Pretenders holds up very well after 25 years, sounding almost timeless. The music of Rod Stewart, on the other hand, instills violent behavior in small mammals.

One Response to “12 hours”

  1. Trixter said

    To be fair, I cheated a bit. I did indeed watch all 24 hours, but any time I ran across a video I had already seen (there were many repeats), I just skipped it (jumped 3 minutes ahead). I guess it was more accurate to say that I scanned all 24 hours, avoiding repeats.

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