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Halfway there

Posted by Trixter on July 31, 2006

35 years ago, I was born on August 1st. 25 years ago, also on August 1st, something else was born: MTV. And 11 days after that, the IBM PC was
introduced. Is it any wonder that I enjoy blending all three together?

As I reach what I consider the halfway point in my life, I am surprised that I’m not more depressed about it: I’ve graduated from the cool marketing group
(18-34) to the latter, less hip group (35-49). I’ve gained back all the weight I lost from the beginning of the year. I haven’t saved up enough for my
kid’s college, or even my own retirement. I have more unfinished projects than finished ones. I’m in debt up to my hairline.

And yet, I’m not depressed. I can indeed say that I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame (properly adjusted for inflation). I met the girl of my dreams, married
her, and we’re still together with two great kids to show for it. I’m in a career where the work is related to my hobbies and, hold onto your seats, is
fun to do. I make a decent living. I have a roof over my head and transportation. And that hairline I’m in debt up to? It’s still where it was when I
graduated high school.

VH1 Classics is re-running the first 24 hours of MTV ever broadcast starting at midnight tonight (eastern). Back in 1981, at the tender age of 10, my
father made sure I was up to see it. As nerdy and un-cool as my father is, he recognized the importance of the event, and he has a pretty good track
record: He made sure I would remember the bicentennial by having us dress up in our Sunday best and waving flags and bells in the middle of the afternoon
on our front porch. He also made sure I was up to witness the first ever Space Shuttle launch. I’ve never forgotten all three, and for that I’m grateful.

Life is good. I want my MTV. We can keep going.

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