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Week #13 incognito

Posted by Trixter on March 29, 2006

There will be no week #13 stats as I am almost positive that I have self-destructed to the point of gaining weight for the first time this year. At least, I think I've gained weight, but every time I think that I end up losing half a percentage point of body fat or something. The switch away from regular pop must have really been the most significant thing I've ever done, since I'm not even trying and I'm still living at or below my body's energy needs.  And what are those needs?  According to The Running Program, my height and weight requires almost 3000 calories to break even every day.  Good gravy, 3000?  No wonder I'm floating downward:  I cut out 5 cans of pop a day, so there's 750 calories right there.

2 Responses to “Week #13 incognito”

  1. Mark Juric said

    (Hey! Hope this sticks – everytime I try to leave a comment it disappears.)
    According to The Running Program, my height and weight requires almost 3000 calories to break even every day.

    Huh? If that’s the case, then The Running Program is fux0r3d to say the least. You would have to be on the order of 6’11” and weight 350lbs to have a basal metabolic rate of 3000 calories. I’m 5’9, 165lbs and have a BMR of somewhere in the neighorhood of 1700 calories. I’d be shocked if your real break even calories are anywhere near 2500. You’re probably looking at closer to 2200.

    Check out the below and do an average for a pretty accurate BMR calculation


  2. Trixter said

    I’ll check them out, thanks for the info!

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