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Week #11

Posted by Trixter on March 12, 2006

Still self-destructive, still under a lot of pressure, and yet:

  • 220 pounds
  • 28% body fat
  • Blood Pressure 134/80

So now I don’t know if it’s the stress or the switch to diet pop that made me trickle downwards. Not complaining, I guess.

Since I love to goof off with my IBM PC/XT, and since I want to start running again, I won an auction for MECA’s 1984 software “The Running Program”. The Running Program was based on Jim Fixx’s The Complete Book Of Running from 1978, and it contains stretching exercises, evaulates your fitness level, records and graphs achievements, etc. It’s also fairly well copy-protected; every single track is goofy, and the program requires information loaded from one of the goofy sectors. Not difficult, but time-consuming.

When I finally get it cracked, I’ll make it available. Jim Fixx is dead, MECA is long gone, and I have little scruples when it comes to 22-year-old software.

One Response to “Week #11”

  1. I appreciate your pragmatic approach to IP legal issues. :)

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