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Now THAT was fun

Posted by Trixter on June 17, 2013

Back from @party 2013 where I went bug-nutty over the PCjr and everyone graciously tolerated and humored me.  I gave a speedy 30-minute intro to the PCjr as the first talk of the party, then I spent 3 hours trying frantically to get my laptop and PCjr to talk to each other over ethernet so I could upload what I was working on, then coded up the rest of our demo (intro, really) with Phoenix and relaxed for a few hours until the compo.

Inverse Phase and I won the game compo with a silly little thing called HARLEM SHAKEjr and Phoenix and I came in 2nd place in the oldskool demo compo.  2nd place was quite deserved because the 1st place was Sigflup and co.’s Sega Genesis demo “Day Trip” which had some truly amazing effects in it that all ran at the full framerate.  (The end screen in that demo is 512 simultaneous colors and when you learn how it works you will laugh your ass off.)

For now, all party productions are downloadable but I don’t know how long that link will last. If you want to run my stuff, you’d better have a real PCjr because I use an undocumented video mode I discovered that doesn’t work in DOSBox.

I’ll post video of both productions in a week or so when my PCjr comes back in the mail :-)

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